Imam Bukhari apologized for smiling!

Imam Bukhari apologized for smiling!

Once Imam Bukhari was in the masjid and waited for everyone to leave so that he could talk to Mash’ar (who was a blind man). Once everyone left, Imam Bukhari began crying and begged the man to forgive him.

The man was shocked and asked: “What for O’ Abu ‘Abdullah?” So Imam Bukhari answered: “Once as I was narrating Hadith to my students, you were dancing at a close distance and I smiled because of this and I fear that this may be backbiting that I have done against you.” The man replied: “Is that all, O’ Abu ‘Abdullah? Of course I forgive you!”

● [سير أعلام النبلاء | التاريخ والتراجم]


كان البخاري يستيقظ في الليلة

‏قال الحافظ ابن كثير:

(كان البخاري يستيقظ في الليلة الواحدة من نومه فيوقد السراج ويكتب الفائدة تمر بخاطره ثم يطفئ