Abu Eesa Niamatullah – Imam Bukhari’s Book of Manners (al-Adab al-Mufrad)

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Abu Eesa’s explanation of Imaam Bukhari’s book of Manners. This is the English commentary to Imam al-Bukhari’s great work on conduct and behaviour “al-Adab al-Mufrad”. The first series is the commentary to the 1st chapter on the Rights of the Parents and was recorded in Central Manchester from 2006 to 2007.

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خلق أفعال العباد والرد على الجهمية وأصحاب التعطيل للبخاري


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as salaamu ‘alaikum.

The latest and in my opinion the best so far is the tahqiq and takhrij of Imam Bukhari’s Khalq Afaal al-Ibaad wa radd ala Jahmiyya is by Fahd bin Sulaiyman al-Fuhaid date: 2005 in two large volumes published by Dar al-Atlas ( http://www.dar-atlas.com )

He also explains the frequent claims made by Abul Hasan al-Muftari & Co., about the mention in Hafidh Ibn Abi Hatem’s Jarh wa Tadil ……
the story is that someone wrote to Hafidh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Dhuhli that Imam al-Bukhari held the view that “Lafzi (pronounciation) of Quran is created” and Hafidh Dhuhli wrote to Hafidh Abu Zur’ah al-Razi and Hafidh Abu Hatim al-Razi about it. But the fact is that liars and enemies of Imam Bukhari circulated these lies and Imam Bukhari himself said, “whoever said that I said, Lafzi (pronounciation) of Quran is created then he lied” for I – al-Bukhari – said, “actions of the creation is created” (afaal al-Ibaad Makhluqah) see Khatib al-Baghdadi’s Tarikh 32/2, Shams al-Din Dhahabi’s Siyr Alam Nubula 457/12 , Ibn Hajar Asqalani’s Fath al-Bari Muqadimma & 535/13

The other good Tahqiq and Takhrij of Khalq Afaal al-Ibaad wa radd ala Jahmiyyah is by Abu Muhammad Salim bin Ahmed bin Abdul Hadi al-Salafi and Abu Haajir Muhammad al-Saeed bin Basyouni al-Ibyaani published from Maktabah Turaath al-Islami, Cairo, Tel: 3553838 (no date of publication is mentioned)

Abu Turab Ali Rida


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The Canonization of Al-Bukhari and Muslim by Jonathan Brown


Product Description

The two ‘Authentic’ adth collections of al-Bukhr and Muslim are the most famous books in Islam after the Qur’an – a reality left unstudied until now. This book charts the origins, development and functions of these two texts through the lens of canonicity. It examines how the books went from controversial to indispensable as they became the common language for discussing the Prophet’s legacy among the various Sunni schools of law. The book also studies the role of the adth canon in ritual and narrative. Finally, it investigates the canonical culture built around the texts as well as the trend in Sunni scholarship that rejected it, exploring this tension in contemporary debates between Salafi movements and the traditional schools of law.

Biography of Imam Bukhaaree


Biography of Imam Bukhaaree

This beautiful book deals with the biography of the Imam of Hadeeth scholars, whose lifelong pursuit of knowledge culminated in the authorship of a book that, in terms of its importance and truthfulness, ranks second only to the Book of Allah. Referring to of course to none other than Muhammad ibn Ismaa’eel Al-Bukhari – may Allah have mercy on him.

by Salaahud-Deen ibn ‘Alee ibn ‘ Abdul-Maujood

Translator: Faisal Shafeeq